A one-day virtual workshop to get you feeling the magic again inside your business.

Walk away with new messaging, an offer that shines like a crystal and feel confident on what you have to share.

Have you been in a funk with your business and can’t seem to get out of it?

Have you stopped promoting yourself because it just doesn’t feel right?

Do you know it’s time for change but scared to take the leap?

Does your marketing messaging need a total makeover?

Are you ready to step into a new holistic offer?

Do you desire to feel confident again with what you share?

Do you fear the starting line?

Your business is an evolving journey and starting new things feel scary.

You were doing the damn thing. Day in and day out. But something inside you fell away. You felt the shift but perhaps you fought it. You knew you weren’t playing full out. You knew you were hiding your light. You knew it was time for a change but just continued on doing the same thing.

You were comfortable inside of your business but babe we both know you weren’t put on this earth to just be comfortable.

You craved something fresh. Something that played to your new skills. You were tired of the old ways, old business model, same old stuff.

But I’m sure you had thoughts like….Who am I to change, will people take me seriously, or I’m known for this but I really want to do that.

Well..I’m glad you’re here.

Let’s get you unstuck and feeling that magic again inside your biz & life.


  • You went into business to be creative, the boss of your life and to help your community rise up.

  • Shifting in your business is natural and isn’t a form a failure. It’s pivoting with the seasons of what your being called to do and what lights you up.

  • The magic inside your business is your secret sauce. It’s the glitter. The energetic pull that get your potential clients to say YES!
    “I want to work with her”
    “She has something special”

    Or the infamous “I want what she’s having”


Hi, I’m Steph. Not that long ago I was working my business and felt the call. Spirit was calling me to do serve more and on a different scale. I knew it was time to create magic in other people’s lives including my own.

My whole life I’ve used my strategic brain for everything business related. Got clients because of my online marketing skills. And while I enjoyed it I knew there was something else I wanted to do.

Exhausted from the constant hustle, tired of always pushing, overwhelmed with the latest social media strategy and getting distracted by any shiny object.

I was stressed, busy and frustrated.

My business was at a standstill.

Then I realized I wanted my business to be simpler. To do things I loved and am naturally good at doing. To focus on my client’s results and continue to show them how to live a magical life.

I took myself through a process of identify what wasn’t working in my business and why it didn’t feel aligned anymore. There were three major parts missing.

  • Messaging was off energetically (I’ll explain this later).

  • I had Offers I didn’t wanted to sell anymore.

  • And my confidence disappeared.

What changed?

I began to apply magic around with my messaging and began journaling everyday.

I crafted new offers that felt so frickin good & in flow. It use to take me weeks to come with an offer.

Then as a result my confidence began to soar with energetic techniques I’ve learned from Reiki, Meditation, Kundalini and Law Of Attraction.

I used my strategic brain along with my spiritual side to infuse magic back into my business and knew more people needed to know how I did it.

As a result, clients began reaching out to me and felt the new shift. I embraced the change in my business and felt more like myself.

Now it’s my honor to be offering services that I love, working with ideal clients and feeling a confidence within me that I have never felt before.

It’s time to eliminate your doubt around change, to shift your business, to stand out in another way, to offer something new and exciting and to feel like Wonder Woman along the way.

Isabella Richards (1).png

What does it look like?

I know you’re busy and the thought of doing another course just doesn’t sound appealing. So I’m offering this as a one day virtual intensive workshop. I’m the type of person that likes to get it done in one day and move forward.

Isabella Richards (3).png

Mark your calendar & block off your day…..

Friday, Dec 7th 2018 10-4pm (Pacific Time)

  • And yes you’ll get access to the replay but I highly encourage you join live. Your business deserve the attention and will only go as far as you put in the work.

What you’ll learn & walk away with?

* How to align with your business marketing messaging & templates to confidently share with your offer with the world.

* How to structure your offer so it plays on your strength, passion and zone of genius.

* Experience hot seat coaching that gives you all the AH-HA’s.

* The esoteric energetics to keep you out of the funk once and for all.

* Enjoy my confidence meditation to keep you building your empire.


  • 5 deep journal prompts that will teach you to coach yourself and feel into the rhythm of your business.

  • 1 (30 Minute) Accountability + Follow up Coaching Call with Steph (Value $99).

  • 3 Goddess Affirmation Recording to have you feeling flowy (Value $50).

  • 1 (60 Minute) Akashic Record Reading to uncover whats stopping you and where your path is taking you (Value $99).

Aren’t those incredible?


Screen Shot 2018-11-13 at 8.14.01 AM.png
Screen Shot 2018-11-13 at 8.14.14 AM.png
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Screen Shot 2018-11-13 at 8.13.06 AM.png
2018-steph v lane-sand diego-marketing-coach-105.jpg

Hey love!

I’m Steph. Holistic Business & Intuitive Coach for Female Entrepreneurs & Healers. I started my business journey 3 years ago with no plan, no education, tons of fear and with all the wrong mindset.

I was running around trying to do all the things only to find myself broke & bendy (I was a yoga teacher at the time). Fast forward to 3 years later and I’m running mastermind, programs, team of 45+ in my network marketing company (doTERRA) and working 20-25 hours a week.

I travel the world to Tulum, Bali, Greece and currently planning a nation wide road trip with my husband.

I have complete freedom over my schedule, purpose and path.

The most important thing is I get to help people design the life they desire. Create the life they want. I’m livin’ my dream life and showing others how to do the same.

My professional background is in Field Marketing for over 7+ years, infomercial production (before that industry died), and online marketing for product campaigns. While I’m amazing at all these things my heart is in help women see their potential.

Being able to craft the life they so desire, make the money they want and have so much joy along the way.

Let me show you how to do it.

How It Works?

*You’ll get 1 short assignment do it beforehand which will get you align and prepared.

* We meet live via Zoom on Friday, Dec 7th 10-4pm

* You’ll get all your bonus content after the live session

* You’ll get my calendar link to book your bonus session


I really want to come but can’t make it live?

I’ll be offering the recording after the session.

Will you be doing this training again?

Don’t have any plans to at the moment but if it’s popular I’ll consider doing it again.

Do you offer a money back guarantee?

All sales are final and must be paid before the live session. You’ll get tons of value from this one day.

Regular Price $497

Friday, Dec 7th 10-4pm Pacific

All this for only $197!!

If you made it this far then this workshop is perfect for you. Don’t spend another hour running around in overwhelm. Give your business the day it needs to thrive. You can do this babe!