With Steph’s help I was able to really find my professional purpose and owning my skills. That includes the hard part of selling my offers with confidence which I am still learning and getting better at it with all the tools Steph has provided for me!
— Steffi Seefeld, Empowerment Coach
I am a huge believer in the power of clarity and Stephanie was able to help me refine my message and regain focus. Thanks to her expertise and genuine caring, I have so much more confidence in my business going forward!
— Nina Vazquez
I recently hired Steph to help me figure out my pricing strategy and my packages for my new business. She provided me with the clarity I needed and helped me see the bigger picture!
— Raluca Topor
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Excellent knowledge and experience with online marketing, business start ups, and motivational speaker.
— Larissa Miller - Pi Yoga Pants
Steph took the time to understand my business goals. I would work with her again when looking for a new strategies.
— Monetta P - Stick With It Pallet
I am working on developing a new online business offering personal development courses, but I have been stuck figuring out my niche and who my customer will be. Within a 20 minute call, Steph led me to clarity about my niche and potential offerings.
— Cindy Shaw
Stephanie Lane is a mindset motivator! Today’s session helped steer me to finding clarity and direction on my business avatar, service, and mission.
— Michelle Griffin

Stephanie is highly intuitive and has the experience in marketing that you’ll want in a coach. She blends the spiritual and entrepreneurial world together seamlessly and the results have been incredible. She helped me create expansion and growth in my business through clarity on what it is I truly desire and want to offer to the world and how to best present that to my audience. With her guidance, I am receiving more abundance for my work, launched a successful online summit and an online program that I didn’t have confidence to do before. Knowing that I had Steph in my corner helped me feel good about taking risks in my business. I walked away from each session feeling supported and clear on what direction I needed to take. I highly recommend Steph if you’re looking for someone to guide and support you in your spiritual and holistic health business. - Denise Chang