1 Boss Babe Breakthrough

1 Boss Babe Breakthrough

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Start an online business or project with less overwhelm, clear action steps that have you feeling inspired to implement and make them a reality.

Your Online Marketing Strategy Intensive is completely customized to your goals and needs. During our time together, we will focus on one topic or area of your business you are currently struggling with and need the plan to execute.

Here are a few topics we may cover in 90 minutes...

- Finally identifying your ideal customer avatar and have a better idea of who you serve

- Discover your love for social media and learn how to use to correctly to make money

- Find clarity in your messaging, unique value proposition, brand and overall image online

- Learn how to execute the right marketing skills that feel aligned with your message, audience and comfort zone

- Clear visibility blocks that are holding you back in your business & life

- Establish systems and structures that will help automate your business so you can be more in your zone of genius

- A success action plan to bring on new clients with ease and reach your goals with flow

- Embrace tech from Google Docs, Canva, Asana, Facebook and Instagram Ads, landing pages, lead funnels and more (Don’t worry if this sounds all Greek to you now)

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