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Have you been doing all the ‘right’ things in your business and life but feel unfilled?

Do you know it in your heart you could do so much more?

You are aware that thoughts become things but you haven’t been able to create the right things in your life?

Do you feel time is running out and can’t seem to get a grip on anything right now?

Are you ready to play into your full power but not sure what that even looks like?

Are you finally ready to go after your dreams 100% even though fear and resistance is showing up?

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Check this. My desire to start my own business started at 23 years old and I failed. I quit trying to start my own thing 3 times, found a ‘stable’ job that paid a lot, gave it my all and only to discover that they didn’t rehire me for the next program. I was devastated.
After I licking my wounds I knew…

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I have to figure this out, so I can help others do the same.

My purpose on this earth is to give women the tools, confidence, clarity and strategy to live the life of their dreams. Take women to the next level and to stay there. I want to work with the ‘crazy’ woman that will actually make her dreams a reality.

I have to help more women become leaders in their industry.

Working with Steph was powerful, transformational and exhilarating . She gave me actionable steps to focus my energy, organize my business & create space for clients to flow into my life. The end results was above and beyond what I expected and I feel on FIRE after working with her. After my first week working with Steph I generated 1k in revenue - the most I’ve done since I’ve been in business
— Carly - Reiki Master

You're in luck because I can support you with the following....

  • Get massive clarity on what the heck you want and what you want to call in.

  • Increase your confidence and self-worth around money, business and visibility.

  • Create your social media media/marketing strategy to bring all the clients to the yard.

  • Remove all distraction and find ways to simplify your life.

  • Have you feeling feminine and embodied inside and out.

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✔️ 3 monthly strategy session for clarity, accountability & support. (1) 90 min Kickoff call!

✔️ A Finalized simple strategy that plays on your strengthen to grow.

✔️ Unlimited Voxer Support with me if you need assistance on something real quick. *I’ll respond within 24 hours

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✔️ New monthly feminine goddess affirmations to attract miracles.

✔️ Big vision planning and creation of your monthly action plan.

✔️ 2 Akashic Record Reading to access your higher self. (Value $350)

✔️ 6-Month Access to Dream Tribe Mastermind (Value $2395)

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Customer Reviews for Social Media V1 SL.png

Case Studies

Kickstarter launch of Sittin' Pretty Still Meditation Cushion. We raised $27K in 31 days.

Kickstarter launch of Sittin' Pretty Still Meditation Cushion. We raised $27K in 31 days.

After one call with me Jewelry Client’s sales jumped from $6k to $16k in 30 days!

After one call with me Jewelry Client’s sales jumped from $6k to $16k in 30 days!


You can expect for me to show up 100% for you either by our strategy session, on the phone or by message. I’ll brainstorm with you, guide you, call you out on your BS, help eliminate limiting beliefs, show you simple marketing strategies and how to position yourself. The end results is an intentional business that fill you up - Soul & Bank Account.

We will chat every week or can double up if a week doesn’t permit us. We will chat about strategy, confidence, plans and do some practical and energetic techniques to raise your vibration to get all that you desire.

You’ll show up to our meetings distraction free and focus on the work at hand. You’ll do all the homework I assign and provide feedback when needed. You’ll be honest and open with me.

Legally: I can not guarantee specific results.

However, I was able to help clients with the following:

  • Revamp their current business model to best fit their strengths

  • Focus on ideal clientele and how to attract the right audience

  • Realign their work schedule to create instant freedom.

  • Rethink their internet, social media and email marketing methods. Less time online. More potent results.

  • Create and sell their products or services with ease.


Hey Love! I’m Steph. Holistic Business Coach for Female Entrepreneurs & Healers. I started my business journey 3 years ago with no plan, no education, tons of fear and with all the wrong mindset.

I was running around trying to do all the things only to find myself broke & bendy (I was a yoga teacher at the time). Fast forward to 3 years later and I’m running a mastermind, online programs, team of 45+ in my network marketing company (doTERRA) and working 20-25 hours a week.

I travel the world to Tulum, Bali, Greece and currently planning a USA road trip with my husband.

I have complete freedom over my schedule, purpose and path.
The most important thing is I get to help people design the life they desire. Create the life they want. I’m livin’ my dream life and showing others how to do the same.
My professional background is in Field Marketing with over 7+ years experience, infomercial television production (before that industry died), and online marketing for product campaigns. While I’m amazing at all these things my heart is in helping women see their true potential.

Being able to craft the life they so desire, make the money they want and have so much joy along the way.

Let me show you how to do it.

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