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Boss Akashic Record Reading (60 mins)

“Wow, that was really spot on!” ⚡️guess what?! Oracle Card Reading Deals are here⭐️🙏🏻Retrograde is Over Offer! ⭐️

Get some answer on...
Clarity and where am I going?
What would be the best path for me?
What do I need to explore?
Where do I need closure?
Where do I feel fear or pain?
What do I want to let go of?
What doesn’t make sense in my life?

So....What are the Akashic Record anyways? 

I just got off the phone 📱 with an oracle card reading, we identified the areas she was struggling with in her life and allowed the cards to give us guidance. Afterwards she felt lighter and got clear answers. 💥
I’m excited for this intro offer of 30 mins readings for $44! Have a question about.....
🌙 Relationships
⭐️ Love/Romance
⭐️ Career/Business ⭐️ Path and purpose.
🌈These readings have been so impactful that I must offer them. 
And in celebration 🍾 of Mercury out of retrograde I’m excited for this offer! 
My only requirement is you come with an open heart. ⚡️Book now🕛

The Akashic Records are the record of your soul’s journey, from the time you first arise from Source until you eventually return home. This can take millennia. But no matter how new or ancient of a Soul you are, the Akashic energy holds all your thoughts, feelings, actions and deeds from each lifetime. Many people imagine the Akashic Record as a library with each book representing a lifetime. Some people look at the Records as a computer with all your info stored in the hard drive.

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