My mantra: I embody ease and flow attracting miracles.

Remember when you use to be the girl that was a bit of a mess?

I was the definition of a mess. I would party and binge drink Thursday-Sunday, eat only burritos (not the healthy kind), engage in toxic relationship and friends, date unemotional men, work soul sucking jobs that I was horrible at and was totally drowning in every other place in my life.

One day after a night of partying in Vegas, I looked at myself in the mirror half drunk and asked the questions “Is this it?” “Is there more to this life?” “Why does it feel so empty?”

If you can relate to this story, we’ve got a lot in common.

I was that "messed up" gal always looking for approval from others and never speaking up for myself. And it took me some time to get over my negative thinking, victim hood, self-sabotaging behaviors and to leave those toxic relationships.

Once I climbed out, I’ve never looked back. I’ve learned a lot along the way from self-love, yoga, creating a business, reiki energy, meditation techniques, EFT, mindfulness and love to consume high vibe content on podcast, audible, videos and events.

If we haven’t met before, I’m Steph. And I’m the happy go lucky, business moxie bestie you’ve always wished for.




Because you know what? Working for others, not having freedom of your day and income just isn't working.

The truth is, women can earn tons money, hustle is the old way of working, more leaders are needed NOW and abundance is your birthright.

And those dreams, massive visions you have for yourself and your family? You know, the ones you’re almost too fearful to claim how badly you want them? They’re all possible babe, and they all start with clarity & mindfulness…

… Which means love, they all start with YOU.


It’s my dream that women everywhere will think as work as fun and enjoy what they are doing because they're in their zone of genius. Business is fun, marketing is easy and the cashflow is streaming. 

“I’m freakin’ blessed AF”

And let me tell you, beautiful — you are!

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A world wanderer and San Diego native with a radiant energy and infectious drive for greatness, Steph has made a name for herself as a forward-thinking leader in the San Diego entrepreneur scene.

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