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An exclusive mastermind for spiritual entrepreneurs who are ready to step into their magnetic confidence and call in massive abundance into their business.


 A 6-month mastermind, community and group coaching program helping female business owners unlock their magic, gain clarity, confidence and call-in the cash flow into their business.

Is it finally the time TO GO BIG in your business?

Are you ready to feel SO magnetically confident that nothing can ever take you off the path again?

Have you been doing all the ‘right’ things inside your business but feel a part is missing?

Are you overwhelmed with the practical step-by-step and need marketing guidance?

Is technology driving you cray & you tend to overcomplicate things?

Do you crave a community that has your back and front?

Do you feel you’re NOT using your gifts & powers at 100%?

And are you just tired of playing small in life & business?

You’ve heard the calling but…..

You don’t have crystal clear clarity yet on what your soul is calling you to create.

You are super overwhelmed with the amount of work you have & don’t even know where to start.

You’re leaking energy, wasting time, resources & money.

You feel yourself going back into negative thinking & wonder if having a business is really for you.

Your friends and family don’t understand you #blacksheep.

You crave a community of high vibe ladies that just GET IT.

You have a hard time receiving and often find yourself giving until your cup is dry.

Your making money in your business but only enough to cover expenses.

Your working 2x harder than you did at your 9-5 job #noweekends.

You thought running a business was going to give you freedom. Rather your business is running you.

Instead you dream…

For clear driven focus on your goals, vision and where to take your business.

To feel like a BOSS of your empire, build your key messaging, craft your magical services, & enjoy selling with heart.

You finally have the magnetic confidence to go after what you desire.

You have a sisterhood & coach behind you at all times.

Your relationship with cash, receiving & abundance shifts into a loving relationship.

Freedom to travel around the world wherever your intuitions leads you.

To have affirmations, meditations and soul-growth tools ready in your back pocket to raise your vibrations and motivate you to work!

Now, I’ve given you a magical wand, feel into all you desire & lets make it happen.

It’s totally possible, babe.

Here's the thing. I’ve tried it all.

From a full-time yoga instructor only to be broke and bendy, to a global snack company that didn’t extend my contract, to a massive salary cut in field marketing only to be disappointed by the leadership, and even late nights as a liquor promo model. Shots anyone?! All of these opportunities gave me real world marketing & leadership experience. Which was nice but I wasn’t called to stay in those jobs. None of them were right for me.

I kept thinking “I WANT MORE!!!” *Insert Ariel from The Little Mermaid voice. I knew I had the skillset to make it possible but kept coming up against blocks, overcomplicating my business strategy, scarcity mindset patterns and my lack of confidence stopped me.

But I made the decision that I wanted it, over and over again. You’re probably the same. If you want something you’ll go at every length to make it happen.

I’m here to tell you that your dream of running a profitable business is possible.

And this mastermind helps you get there faster & without all the drama!

Even if your vision for your business isn’t completely clear. Even if you don’t feel ready yet to share your gifts with the world. Even if you fear investing in yourself. Even if you have doubts and a hard time receiving abundance.

This mastermind shifts you into inspired action to go after your online business dream.

It’s not your fault you don’t know all these things yet.

You were never taught how to run a successful business ….

You weren’t taught marketing, business development, systems, confidence, sales, networking, social media marketing, copywriting, live streaming, just to name a few.

And you certainly weren’t taught channeling, manifesting, journaling, meditation, affirmations, letting go of old stories, healing ancestry patterns & increasing your vibration. This is the magical ingredient that has you standing out and standing in your power.

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Hey there! I'm Steph

I'm committed to helping women build their online presence with intentional marketing strategies for visible, to shine with purpose, while infusing their personality, so they can be an abundant magical boss babe.

My background comes from the television & field marketing world, representing brands like Sony, Kashi, Belvedere and Qualcomm, just to name a few. I've worked on successful Kickstarters generating over $275K, launched global campaigns, managed the whole Southern California team for MOET Hennessy, travel abroad alone, taught yoga & barre for 3 years. Currently, I’m traveling the world with my husband to Bali, Mexico & Canada.

It is my intention for more women to be compensated for their magical gifts .
— Stephanie Lane



An exclusive mastermind for spiritual entrepreneurs who are ready to step into their magnetic confidence and call in massive abundance into their business.

Banff, Alberta

Banff, Alberta


Your business is bringing a consistent income of $5k+ while working less than 25 hours a week. You get to travel the world to places like Bali, Mexico or Canada. Or you sell everything and hit the open road with your laptop & dog.

Your weekends are full of yoga, nature time with friends, delicious restaurant outings and cuddles with your partner.

You finally believe in yourself and don’t let others or your mindset stop you from getting what you desire. You’ve stepped into the freedom zone where you know it’s just the beginning of your massive growth, impact and income.

You can do what you want, when you where, where you want and how you want.

You work when you’re inspired, you take days off when you need to rest.

You created this life for you. You got help along the way to make it possible. You had fun in the process. You inspired others to do the same.

I did it.
I’m living my magical life my way!
— You

What has happened to past clients? 

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Screen Shot 2019-05-28 at 12.45.31 PM.png

What can happen in 6-months?

You have massive confidence in what you have to offer. Your clients are happy with their results. Your bringing in cash flow into your business. You feel laser focused with your marketing & business strategy. You have more time for your personal life and loved ones. And you're no longer available to play small.

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You’re Ready For The Magical Boss Babes Mastermind If You…

A female entrepreneur who is ready to GROW her consulting, healing, product-based or coaching business.

  • Are ready to leap over the tech hurdles and embrace technology.

  • Are done making excuses, wasting your most valuable resource, which is your time. Your ready to be shown how it’s done and take action.

  • Are ready to become visible online with FB lives, videos, vulnerable posts, and storytelling.

  • Hear it in your heart to “GO FOR IT” and you’re ready to listen.

  • Have a belief in something bigger than yourself and that you were meant to make a bigger impact in this world.

  • Currently bringing in $1-4k inside your business but ready to really GROW your baby.

  • A driven individual that gets excited to bring in consistent revenue of $5-8K Monthly.

You’re NOT READY If You…

Are completely new to business. This is not a beginner mastermind. We will be diving in deep, strategic and energetic work.

  • Doesn’t want to work and thinks just wishing, meditation and visualization will get you there. It’s an important step but inspired action is the secret sauce.

  • Over glorify being BUSY. Yes, we are all busy but time is needed to build your business, so how can you take something off your plate?

  • If you have technophobia. It’s a learning curve for us all.

  • Have a closed mindset and not ready to learn anything new or helpful.  

  • Let fear take the driver seat, which stops you and puts you back where you started.

  • Aren’t genuine excited about your offer, services and clients. It’s not all about the money.

  • Are not willing to invest in yourself and own your self-worth.



What makes this
mastermind extra magical?

This mastermind is unique because you get the support of a group coaching program along with monthly themed content. Every month has a specific theme anywhere from practical business building tips to increasing your magnetic energy for your next livestream.

You get a FB group for support & check-ins. The monthly content is for you your boss babe self and connecting with your magic. Use it when you’re energy is low, in the middle or when it’s high.

These teachings, lessons, meditations, activations, affirmations will have you feeling MORE CONFIDENT than ever, so you can call in the cash and feel oh-so-fulfilled.

The Magical Boss Babe Process…

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Clarity Magic - June/July Focus

Before: You have all these ideas to expand your business but your unsure which one to focus on. Your niche needs to be refined, messaging isn’t specific enough and you wonder if you can really do this. Also, your vision for your life and business isn’t clear, statements like “I want freedom” are just to vague.

After: WOW! You knew all the answers all along just needed to create space for them, you feel very clear, messaging feels aligned, special bonus…you’re attracting the right clients with ease and fun.


  1. Clarity on your business model, messaging & soul-mate clients.

  2. Your life & business vision is clearly mapped out. You even created a Pinterest board, scheduled dates in google calendar and made moves.

  3. A new found feeling of spaciousness to create what you truly desire. More towards not having to do things you hate just to pay the bills.

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Create Magic - August Focus
Before: Your unclear on what to sell, how to package your expertise, what are your rates, and where you should market yourself.  

After: You’ve tapped into your creative flow and it feels good to be here. You know what you sell and to which audience. Your packages feel super unique, fresh and exciting. You know which social media & traditional marketing strategy to follow.


  1. Creativity tools to tap into flow so you know what you’re selling.

  2. You’ve packages your service into simple but super magical offers.

  3. You know which social media & traditional marketing platform to focus on. And you’re excited about your plan.


Channel Magic - September Focus

Before: You’re unsure how to stand out in a sea of ‘competition’. You have some idea of what your transformation is for your clients but haven’t cleaned up or tested your process. Your inner guidance is calling you and is asking you to listen. You have a hard time hearing the answers.

After: You’re beginning to be seen as an authority in your space & ditching the generalist title. You’re beginning to position yourself as the “Go To Person For X”.  You’ve developed a loving relationship with yourself and your inner guidance.


  1. Identify your unique value proposition so that you stand ou

  2. Position yourself as an expert so that your clients can feel the VIP treatment.

  3. clear strategy on what type of FREE content you’ll be creating to attract your audience.

  4. Build Your Signature system so you can repeat it over and over again for massive transformation for your clients.


Confidence Magic - October Focus

Before: Putting yourself out there gives you all the feels & sales scares the hell out of you. You know people buy from confident business owners but you just have some blocks standing in your way.

After: Be magnetically confident that people are in love in your energy. You’re beginning to love yourself deeply. Sales is seen as service and you’re having fun selling. Sales convos are actually fun. And you no longer tense up during the money conversation.


  1. Prospects are attracted to your vibe and want to work with you.

  2. Feeling oh-so confident in yourself & business that you just make it happen.

  3. Nail your sales process & enjoy having the money conversation.

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Call In Profit Magic - November Focus

Before: You have a small audience & following on social media. You want to manifest new clients, prospects & fans!

After: Your group is filling up, your email list is growing, people are messaging you on FB to become your client. You’ve learned how to manifest along with inspired action.


  1. Craft your fresh lead magnet that you can’t wait to share.

  2. Manifestation techniques to call in.

  3. Practical tips and tools to build your audience and keep it growing.

  4. How to track your income, expenses and set new goals for massive abundance.


Your Boss Babe Magic - December Focus

Before: You’ve worked intentional the past few months but there are still some funky beliefs that show up. It can be money related, self-worth, time, busy trap & family patterns. Things that don’t serve you anymore & it’s time to say goodbye.

After: You feel more yourself than ever. Your business is growing, expanding and you’ve hit a new financial income goal. Visibility is no longer an issue and you can do it sustainability. You’ve developed your own rules and comfortable being seen.


  1. New rules & beliefs that fill you up.

  2. Create your unique signature process.

  3. Livestream your offer & feel confident in the process.

  4. Hit new income goals!

Lake Louise, Alberta

Lake Louise, Alberta

What You Get As A Mastermind Member?

2 LIVE 90-Minute Group Calls Per Month.

These calls will have advanced training on each piece of the months theme, some time for coaching and Q&A. Recordings will be made available within the private Facebook group.

1-Monthly Video Themed Lesson.

These video trainings will break down complicated concept, strategies, & give you simple action steps to grow your business. Bonus: Meditations, Visualization & Activation will be uploaded regularly.

Access to the Private Facebook Group.

Get weekly support from Steph & other members. Never feel lost and alone.

SoCal 2-Day Retreat (Jan 2020).

Here you’ll spend two full days with Steph and her team, and of course, other members of the mastermind. Receive focused attention, connect with other entrepreneurs, have fun in your business, walk along the San Diego beaches & Quantum leap into your next level boss babe self. ** Accommodations, travel & food NOT provided.

1 Akashic Record Reading with Steph ($111 Value)

Uncover & heal what’s really stopping you. We will dive deep into your soul and ancestry patterns to rewrite your new story.

★ Option to upgrade: 3 Monthly VIP coaching session with Steph, unlimited Voxer access for questions, 2 Master Reiki Healings to clear subconscious beliefs. Total of 12 Privates With Steph. (Only 3 Spots) .


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Apply Now!
Mastermind opens June 2019

We keep the group VERY small so you can have me as YOUR coach!

6 month program, intimate group, with Steph as your spiritual business coach.

Early Bird pricing starts at $399/month.

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