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Open for Enrollment Now

A 6-month group coaching/mastermind for female healers, consultants and coaches who are ready to build a thriving business, embody confidence, increase their wealth consciousness and live their dreamy life.


Are you ready to live your life under your terms and build your dream business but have no idea how to start or grow?

Do you feel lonely, lost, confused and stuck? Has your business turned into just an expensive hobby?

Is your heart telling you that you NEED to heal the world with your gifts?  

It’s just that there are a few things standing in your way, like…

  • You don’t have clarity on your 3 month, 6 months and yearly goals.

  • You are super overwhelmed with the amount of work you have to do & don’t even know where to start.

  • You feel yourself going back into negative thinking & wonder if having a business is really for you.

  • Your friends and family don’t understand you #blacksheep

  • You fear you’ll have to work at your J.O.B forever.


You'd love to build your business with flow, ease, fun and tons of abundance. Be able to serve people, heal them and feel fulfilled in your heart daily. And even have freedom over your schedule, take breaks when you want (I love midday naps), make as much money as you’d like, be around positive people and create amazing things that help people. ONLY HIGH VIBE! 

Doesn't that all sounds amazing….and guess what?

It’s totally possible.

With massive clarity, confidence, marketing & business strategy, accountability and guidance anything is possible.

Here's the thing... I’ve tried it all for year.

From a full-time yoga instructor only to be broke and bendy, to a global snack company that didn’t extend my contract, to a massive salary cut in field marketing only to be disappointed by the leadership, and even late nights as a liquor promo model. Shots anyone?!  All of these opportunities gave me real world marketing experience even though I wasn’t called to stay in those jobs. None of them were right for me. I kept thinking “I WANT MORE!!!” *Insert Ariel from The Little Mermaid voice.

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Well...Hey there! I'm Steph

I'm committed to helping women build their online presence with intentional marketing strategies that help them be visible, shine with purpose and teach them to infuse their personality so they can build their dream tribe.

In my past I worked in the experiential field marketing world for 7 years representing brands like Sony, Kashi, Belvedere and Qualcomm just to name a few. I've worked on successful Kickstarters generating over $275K, launched global campaigns, managed the whole Southern California team of MOET Hennessy, travel abroad alone and started multiple companies.

Probably like you, I'm a recovering Jack-of-all-trades and finally know how to say NO! I focus solely on my zone of genius these days. Which is leadership, coaching, biz strategy and connecting with the divine.

It is my intention to increase the numbers of profitable business owner on this planet.

I'm super pumped to offer again…..

The Dream Tribe Mastermind: 6-month mastermind for women who want up level their business and lifestyle.  

Our mastermind is a sacred container of only high vibe women ready to inspire, motivate, support you, be your cheerleader and push you beyond your limits.

What has happened to past Dream Tribers? 

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You have two options this year to join the mastermind....

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Interested in learning more? Schedule a chat with me below.

Imagine your life in 6 months….

Your have massive confidence in what you have to offer. Your clients are happy with their results. Your bringing in cash flow into your business. You feel laser focused with your marketing & business strategy. You have more time for your personal life and loved ones. And you're no longer available to play small.

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You’re Ready If You

  • Are a female entrepreneur who is ready serve others by consulting, healing, coaching, or leading in your industry.

  • Are ready to leap over the tech hurdles and embrace technology.

  • Are done making excuses and wasting your most valuable resource which is your time.

  • Are ready to become visible online with FB lives, videos, vulnerable posts and storytelling.

  • Hear it in your heart to “GO FOR IT” and you’re ready to listen.

  • Have a belief in something bigger than yourself and that you were meant to make a bigger impact in this world.

  • Are a driven individual that gets excited to bring in consistent revenue of $5k+ Monthly.

You’re NOT ready for this program if you….

  1. Don’t want to work and think just wishing, meditation and visualization will get you there. It’s an important step but inspired action is the secret sauce.

  2. Over glorify being BUSY. Yes, we are all busy but time is needed to build your business, so how can you take something off your plate?

  3. If you have technophobia. It’s a learning curve for us all.

  4. Have a closed mindset and not ready to learn anything new or helpful.  

  5. Let fear take the driver seat which stops you and puts you back where you started

  6. Aren’t genuine excited about your offer, services and clients. It’s not all about the money.

  7. Are not willing to invest in yourself and own your self-worth.

Are you ready to bring in wealth, abundance, miracle and more fun into your life? Schedule a chat with me below.

My promises to you...

I am nice but I will call you out.

I'll be honest with you. Guide you. Have your best interest. 

I know what it takes to have a business. I know I can show you how to do it with less tension and frustration.  

I know we have BIG dreams to manifest and make a reality. 

I won't let you play small and you won't let yourself either.

You'll start to believe and know you're a badass and the boss of your life. I'll have your back along the way.

I’ll show up and you will too. Let's do this together....k?




When do we schedule our private session(s)?

We usually do this at the end of each meeting to best suit both of our schedules. Too book our first session a link will be email to you upon receiving payment.


How long and when are the group calls?

Groups calls are set ahead of time 2-3 months to ensure you can schedule it in your calendar. Time zone is Pacific and calls shift between Tuesday at Noon to Thursday at 6pm. All calls will be recorded and last about 90 minutes.


What is your refund policy?

If you pay in full you have 30 days to ask for a full refund. If you pay in payments previous payments are non-refundable but a call must be arranged Steph and client to have a smooth transition process. I don’t anticate this happening as we will have an incredible experience together.


Will I see growth in my business?

Yes, but you’ll have to do the work. I expect you to show up ready for the calls and attend as many as you can. Do you assignments, check-in with yourself and make it happen.


Okay, I’m ready to sign up? What the cost and how do I sign up?

Yippie! Glad you’re taking your business to the next level. Let’s hope on a call by clicking the button below and see what’s the best option for you.

Tell me more. Schedule a call with me ASAP. Mastermind opens Monday, July 16th!