I’m Steph. I help health, wellness and fitness experts get clear & effective with their online marketing. I coach them to become visible with the right offer. And to become confident in their services to attract the ideal client they want to work with while building new stream(s) of income.

I know you. 

You’re on a mission to help your clients but are unsure of the following:

  • What do I provide?

  • Is my messaging clear enough? And will it resonate with my ideal client?

  • I have way too many ideas and don’t know where to start?

  • What online platforms do I focus on? ie. Facebook, Instagram, Website, Youtube….there is a new one every week!

  • How to I package my offer?

  • How do I position my services?

  • What do I price my services?

  • Or you’re burnt out because of the lack of results.

Isn't this list daunting? Egh.


You know there is a better way to achieve the results you want in your clients lives and in your own business.

I’ll ensure you feel support, get clear, set up the right structures to start enjoying being seen online and sharing your amazing offer. Yah!

Whether you need help with marketing your membership site/group, getting more private session, building your strategy, creating your Facebook Ads, or transitioning from group classes to online expert I’m here for you.

My unique experience from my communication degree to infomercial production coordinator, certified yoga & barre instructor, contestant on Grokker’s next fitness star, and building 4 businesses, which 2 of them “failed." I know what it’s like to be multi passionate but not get the results you want to see in your life.    

Because I love online marketing and love helping passionate business owners take that big steps in changing their lives, I want to make it easy for you to get started. Click below to book a call!

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Hola! I love online marketing.

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