How do you find fulfillment in an abundant world?

How do you find fulfillment in an abundant world?

Hear me out.

You want that food now 💥 delivered.
You want a date tonight 💥swipe.
You want a ride 💥 picked up. 
You want a new job today 💥done.

We’re in a different world now where everything you love & ever wanted is available.

The question is...Can you ever feel satisfied when they’re an unlimited amount of things available to you?

While all of this is amazing and gives us a higher quality of life, it also makes it more difficult to have ‘disciplined satisfaction’. It forces us to actually limit ourselves, say no and find restraint. That doesn’t sound fun right?

You want abundance. But what if the abundance was actually causing you to spin?

To have restraint, balance & discipline is a constant challenge because you never know if you’re doing it right.

What’s the solution to it?

🎁 Finding true presence in the moment. 
💥Taking the time to be honest with yourself and find your OWN values.
💗Identify what you really WANT & not what others want for you. 
🔮Learning to say NO and not feeling bad about it. 
📖Limit external influences and trust your own intuition.

🤞So, how do you feel satisfaction in an abundant world 🌎?

Stephanie LaneComment