Unlock your magical messaging by believing in yourself

💎I have a message that needs to be shared.
💎I don’t know what it is yet but my voice is ready to be heard.
💎I can’t wait to know what’s my life's purpose.

I often hear my private coaching clients say these statements above but with an exhausting tone.🔮
As a spiritual business coach, I often see women discontent with the ways they are operating inside their business. It’s a mixture of sadness, frustration and WHY THE HECK DO I NOT KNOW THIS YET. The Clarity just isn’t there OR they know their message but have no idea how to articulate it.
And if you get asked one more time “What do you do?” You might roll over. ⠀

Or you could just start naming all your passions hoping to impress the other person. Nevermind their eyes glazed over probably thinking “When will she ever finish?”

One of the main reasons you don’t know your business messaging is you haven’t unlocked what makes you, YOU. Your confidence and belief in yourself still are wavering.

One of the main reasons you don’t know your business messaging is because….

  • Haven’t spend enough time in deep reflection. Asking yourself the question ‘Why do I want this?’ ‘And why would someone else want this?’

  • You haven’t spoken to your ideal client to get their feedback, insights and opinions on what you do. This can be really hard to do. Putting yourself out there for feedback isn’t easy for some. I use to HATE feedback. I thought I wasn’t enough and that if someone didn’t like it, that meant I should quit. After seeing my relationship with feedback as not something personal but constructive for me to get better.  

  • You don’t know your secret sauce, your zone of genius, what makes your special. Remember you are a snowflake and have a unique skill set.

  • You're too focused on the DOING! Yes, I said. The action is great but your intention isn’t because you haven’t given it enough time. There is a difference between action & inspired action. And getting a website, branding photos & copy are all fantastic to have in your business but if you don’t have your messaging together you just end up yelling into an empty room.

But guess what!? You’re in luck because messaging comes easily to me.

The  #1 reason you don’t know your message yet is you don’t believe in yourself entirely.

And that’s okay. It’s not your fault.

Does this sound familiar?

  • Feelings of self-doubt set into your stomach.

  • You just can’t picture yourself doing that thing.

  • Who do you even think you are!

  • It worked for everyone else but not for you.  

I know this feeling all too well. It’s been my job to shift it within myself and with my clients. The inner belief that you truly can own your message. Own your voice. Own what you desire.

At one time in life, I was all these things and sometimes all at the same time. Talk about being busy and confused.

I was a...
Yoga Teacher = Bendy but broke.
Barre Teacher = Enjoyed it but didn’t see myself doing it in my 40’s+.
Promo Model = Super easy, amazing pay but no fulfillment for myself.
Field Marketing Manager = Loved the leadership, pay was great but there were barely any jobs available.
New Business Owner = Doing all the things at the wrong time. Overwhelmed, stressed, frustrated and wanting to quit a bunch of times.  

After trying on all these hats for all those years, I didn’t believe in myself. I had a track record of quitting and giving up. My belief in myself was nonexistent. No wonder I didn't know what I was meant to do in this world.

My magic was locked. My message was unclear. What was I put on this earth to do?

Questions like...

How can you share your services if you don’t completely believe in your abilities?

How can you position yourself as an expert when you don’t believe you are?

How can you help others when you're doubting yourself or worst seeking validation from others?

And...What does unlocking your magical messaging & believing in yourself have to be together?

Everything. Because...

When you believe in yourself you are open to more opportunities, you become a better problem solver, you move intentionally, you celebrate your wins and treat yourself kindly.

When you believe in yourself you gain access to the message deep within you.

Your belief opens you up for divine guidance to whisper your purpose.

And when you believe in your ability you show up consistently. Your more confident to block other peoples agenda and focus on what brings you the most joy inside your business.

Your messaging will come through you and more specifically.

And what do I even mean by magical messaging?

Well here are some strong messaging examples that I love….


What do we know from this? Aveda makes products with the environment in mind. They take responsibility and want to set an example for the world. Plus I LOVE their products. They smell so delicious and I feel like I’m in a forest.

Marie Forleo: The world needs that special gift that only you have.

Or Build a business & life that you love.

What do we know from this? She’ll motivate you to be more you. She’s a savvy businesswoman that is here to guide you to live a life you love.

Suzie Orman: People First. Then Money. Then Things

What do we know from this? She helps people learn about money. To be financially free so they can buy the experience and things they desire.

Fitbit: Fitness products that help you stay motivated and improve your health by tracking your activity, exercise, food, weight and sleep.

What do we know from this? We know they make fitness gadgets, that track our activities, make us more motivated to workout and have us be aware of our exercise, food, weight and sleep.

Believing in yourself doesn’t happen overnight.

While we like to believe it. It takes time to trust yourself again. Think about all the times you were distrusting to yourself.

Like when you said you were going to stick to a specific thing inside your business but you ditched that plan before you even started. Or when you made an appointment with yourself to clean out your inbox but you ended up answering text messages. Or when your client asked to meet on Saturday but those are days you spend with your family but you don’t want to make the client mad, so you said Yes.

No wonder believing in yourself feels tough.

Once you’re able to regain your trust with yourself things will clear up. Your voice will be stronger, your business vision will come (and be more specific) and then your message will arrive. And by magical messaging, I mean your life works. What you were put on this world to do. What you were meant to share with your community. How you help others because you helped yourself first.

* And I must note your messaging changes as you grow and evolve. It’s not a one-time thing. They begin as dots and you can connect them going back but never forward.

Your message is coming.

Its coming friend and waiting for you to receive it. It’s asking you. It’s saying HEY, let's get to work.

While I’d love to just say ‘believe in yourself.’ I know that’s not always possible.

So here are a few things that have worked for me:

  1. Anytime I'm triggered, I place one hand on my heart and the other on my belly and say “I’m safe, I’m okay, I’m sorry, I love you.” And I say that over and over until the energy shifts.  

  2. I listen to Solfeggio music on Spotify to increase my vibe.

  3. I have this new habit of saying things like “Wow, I’m so amazing” after I complete a task and it completely changes the energy of the task and the way I see myself.

  4. When I’m looking in the mirror I look into my eyes and say ‘Hi beautiful.’

  5. I re-read a testimonial & love up on my clients.

  6. Have a friend or a spouse tell you all the amazing things you have accomplished. You can forget what you have done. So it’s nice to have someone to remind you of all the things you’ve completed. “Wait I did what!!!”

  7. Give someone else a compliment or business referral

  8. Visualize your future self-talking to you. “Hey, Steph. Snap out of this. You’re better than that.”  

Learning to believe in yourself will open you up to endless opportunities. Learning to heal your relationship with yourself will show you that you’re a badass business babe. Believing in yourself will give other sisters permission to believe in themselves. And when you shift the people around you will shift or….fall away.

I know most of us have lived our lives from a place of self-doubt and it’s so easy to default to that. It does take work to come from a place of deep belief inside you. It’s tough to be positive about your abilities because the world told you not too.

But when you believe in what you have to share, who you are and what you have to offer miracles happen. The self-doubt disappears and you can focus on bringing positivity to this world.

When you believe in what you can create and you do that, you’ve just shifted your reality. You're in the driver seat now.

Your messaging is coming. Tune in, write stuff down on paper, brainstorm with friends, get feedback from clients and be willing to look a bit “flaky” for a hot minute. You’re digging for gold and it requires you to do the inner work.

If you want to believe in yourself even more and get clearer on your magical marketing messaging let’s talk.

I’m now ACCEPTING 3 Private clients for business coaching around your magical marketing message, digging deep for your purpose and client. Plus refine a strategy that works for your goals, strengths, vision & business. Learn more here & book a discovery call today.