Stop Comparing Yourself + Awaken The Goddess Within You Affirmations

I use to be very aware of competition in life & business. I’m sure you can relate. Oh she’s doing ______ I’ve got to be better, be better and do the same thing better than Jane.

Then you end up just trying to be a second-rate version of Jane.

🎈After coaching newbies and working with 6 figure coaches, I’ve noticed the mindset of competition is very different. The 6 figure coaches hardly look around and see what so and so is doing. Where I see the newbie say “oh, she is doing that so I can’t do that.”

STOP 🛑 that right now. 

Remember you say things differently, you have a unique style and people resonate with different teachers. 

How do you separate yourself from the crowd?

⭐️Identify what makes you light up and what PISSES you off. Be bold and stand out. (Someone recently called me intense and not in a good way. And I thought “Good, I’m being myself”)

⭐️Refine your messaging quarterly. Does this jive with my people? Do they even know what “jive” means? How can they simply understand how I can help them?

⭐️Remember you’re a unique flavor of gelato (I don’t like ice cream...dairy ick) and call upon the people who ❤️ your flavor. Pistachio gelato anyone?
🎀 Yes, it’s easy to compare ourselves to everyone on Instagram. We only show the highlights and hardly show the day to day grind but when you’re being yourself life gets easier, business flows and your community feels more connected!

And guess what? I created another affirmation video for YOU! Affirmations to Awaken The Goddess Within You. Have a listen and instantly feel softer & connect to yourself. Enjoy sweet soul.

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