Ditch Your Routine And See What Happens

I’m at the Aeropuerto of Mexico waiting for our flight and thought I would send you this short note.

In the last 40 days, I’ve been to Bali, San Diego (48 hours) and then Mexico for my friends wedding. I remember reading a cheesy Work From Your Laptop book in 2013 and now I'm living that dream. The funny thing though is I didn’t want to open my computer at all.

My soul and laziness were calling for travel, delicious food, 90 min yoga classes, sightseeing, swimming in infinity pools and late night dancing with friends.

My laptop mostly hung out in my backpack. Even one day I had to work 5+ hours which is normal for a self-employed person but I was yelling Noooooooooooooooo inside.

After a few days of doing this over and over, I started to feel guilty. Why was I rebelling over my work? What happened to my schedule? Where did my zen morning routine go?

I even stopped opening my emails for 5+ days. Very unlike me.

In the past my routine that took 4 years to perfect was ...

Wake up 6am-6:30
Meditation/Stretching 6:30-7
Journal or Reading 7am-7:30
Workout (HITT, Yoga or Barre) 7:30-8:30
Shower/Breakfast 8:30am

Start Work *No Later than 9:30am

The beautiful thing about traveling it takes you out of your routine. I realized I worked really hard January thru September and was just giving my soul a much needed break. It was time to lighten up a bit and enjoy this beautiful time.

Rest, reset and refuel was the theme. It was a way to step back. See everything differently. It was time to mix things. Let go of the control.

Then this nugget of wisdom came to me...

The way you get what you desire is to be disciplined enough so that freedom comes as the reward. 

All those months of discipline and focused allowed me to rest & experience true freedom.

If you have a business and it’s not working for your lifestyle, how can you pull yourself out of it and look at it from a different angle? What needs to shift? What needs to be removed? What needs to be added? How can you get support? How can you work harder now so you don't have to work so hard later?

You aren't a machine. You can't run all the time. Listen to the seasons of your business and know when it's time to go and time to reset or rest.

Getting out of your routine makes you more aware. 

I know for sure that I'm back! Ready to make some moves and help people along the way. Ready for my routine, green smoothie, morning walks and jamming work sessions.

Stephanie LaneComment