Specialist in marketing, online business, spirituality
& becoming a magical boss babe.


6- Months To Master Your Momentum & Create Magic In your Lightworker Business!

Get ready for the next level of your business evolutions. To clear up your magical messaging, build a marketing plan that you actually like and be visible for your ideal clients find you. Get clear, feel confident and bring in the cash.

Strategy + Spirit Private Consulting

My purpose on this earth is to give women the tools, confidence, clarity and strategy to live the life of their dreams. Take women to the next level and to stay there. I want to work with the ‘crazy’ woman that will actually make her dreams a reality. We work together for 3, 6 or 9 months. Depending on your need.

Magical Boss Babe Mastermind

An ongoing group coaching mastermind for female healers, consultants and coaches who are ready to build a thriving business, embody confidence, increase their wealth, unlock their magical message and live their dreamy life.

Boss Babe Breakthrough Sessions

For the busy person that wanted a shift…like yesterday. One part strategy, one part spirituality and energetic, two parts transformation, change and massive amounts of clarity. Book 1 private session here for to get all the answer you need to move your business forward.

Boss Akashic Record Reading

Gain clarity, receive guidance and feel HOLY confidence inside your business & life. Uncover what’s been stopping you for so long. Re-energize your ideas, motivation and move into inspired action. Get a reading to release, heal and uplevel your life.
Book an Akashic Record Reading with Stephanie Lane NOW!