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Hey There….

I’m Steph. Intuitive business coach specializing in marketing messaging. I show women how to UNLOCK their magic in business (and it changes their life too). I’m a world wanderer and known for my radiant energy and infectious drive for greatness. In the past, I worked with international brands such as Kashi, Sony, Shape Magazine, & Remington.

My professional background is in television production & have over 7 years of experience in field marketing. So I know how to make things look good to an audience.

I’m a recovering Jack-Of-All trades and understands the importance of knowing your niche and specialty. My zone of genius is coaching women business owners to unlock their unique business message so they can stand out online. Also, I have one foot in the spiritual world and the other on earth. Forgot to tell you that!

I combine spirit + strategy to show my clients that all their desires are possible and obtainable with proper planning, energy, a big vision and manifestation.

During this free 5-day challenge you’ll get to hear a little more about my story and get to know my fun, high vibe personality. We’ve got work to do, but we’re gonna have a good time along the way!!

Let’s learn how to market your magnetic self now!