Boss Babe Mastery

3-Months To Master Your Momentum & Create Magic
In Your Lightworker Business!

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Have you heard the calling to GO FOR IT this year in your business but know you need guidance & mentorship?

Do you feel you’ve locked up your magical/intuitive gifts & feel like you must do what others expect of you?

Are you ready for a HUGE quantum leap forward into your business dreams?

Are you sick of waiting for the stars to align? You just want to make your business happen already.


So, you’ve heard the calling, but…..

* You don’t have crystal clear clarity on what your soul is calling you to do.

* You are super overwhelmed with the amount of work you have to do & don’t even know where to start. You’re leaking energy, wasting time, using valuable resources & spending money on things that don’t matter.

* You have this BIG desire to grow your business and be paid for your gifts but can’t seem to make a plan after that. It feels like you are moving through molasses.

* You feel yourself going back into negative thinking & wonder if having a business is really for you. “Am I capable of making this happen?” runs through your mind.

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 And the NOT-SO-FUN-BUT-OH-SO-IMPORTANT technical, strategy, business development and marketing items are beginning to drag you down.  

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Well...Imagine this...

* You have clear driven focused on what you want to do with your business.

* You have clear messaging, marketing plan and putting yourself out there actually feels fun!

* Your gratitude journal is full! You’re serving people, coaching, healing them and feeling fulfilled in your heart daily.

* You finally have the confidence to go after what you desire & nothing is stopping you now because you feel the momentum.

Before working with Steph I was completely unclear with my business. All I knew was that I had a field of focus and a dream, but everything in between was foggy. I knew I needed clarity so I definitely needed guidance. I’ve come such a long way since working with Steph the past year. I’ve gotten clear on my messaging and on my zone of genius. Even during some confusing and tough times, Steph’s presence, expertise, and support allowed me to see myself and my work with a new perspective.
— Ianne R - Holistic Pleasure Coach



3-Months To Master Your Momentum &
Create Magic In your Lightworker Business!

>>> Get ready for your next level of your business evolutions.

>>> To clear up your magical messaging, build a marketing plan that you actually like and be visible for your ideal clients to find you.

>>> Receive massive amounts of support from me & turn your dream or part-time business to get on the path to making $2-5K per month in your business.

Get clear, feel confident and bring in the cash, miracles and abundance into your spirit-filled business.
— Stephanie Lane - Spiritual Business Coach
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Say Namaste to running around in circles, long to-do lists that never get done, listening to videos for hours and not getting anywhere with your business.

Begin to focus on what really matters in your business. Clarity, confidence and cash. Refine your messaging, build out your marketing plan, uncover the mindset blocks stopping you and be able to receive the gifts and cash you’ll get with your business.

My specialty is combining strategy + spirit so you can grow your lightworker business and be an abundant businesswoman.

What the process looks like? In 3-months of working together you’ll receive….

Week 1-3 Clarity

Clarity takes time and can’t be rushed. That’s why we spend massive amounts of time on refining your vision, goals, desires and wishes. This is when we come up with your business model & marketing messaging.

Week 4 Channel

You’ll begin to open up your intuition and trust it again. You’ll be receiving massive amounts of ideas, flow and insight on how you want to create your business & lifestyle.

Week 5-6 Confidence

In order to be successful, you must have confidence in your voice, what you have to offer and be comfortable being visible. This is where you’ll learn to be magnetic with your online and in-person presence.

Week 7 Create

Time to get to work! Marketing plan, offers, packages and everything you need to sell. This is the practical week or getting it down on paper and learning how to market & sell.

Week 8 Call In

Manifestations and magical techniques to sell your offers. How to energetically call in and how to practically put your offers out in the world.

Week 9 Integration/Branding Session

Wooo hoo! You’ve done so much in 3-months. It’s now time to catch up and put all the elements together to build a solid brand. This is when you get your branding session with Andrew Lane (Graphic Designer of 15+ years)

What’s included in this 3-month private coaching package?

  • (3) Boss Babe Mastery Coaching Session For Massive Support, Accountability & Magical Momentum (Value $2,000)

  • 1 Distant Reiki By A Master To Unlock What’s Really Stopping You
    (Value $111)

  • 1 Next Level Branding Session With Andrew Lane So You Can Look Like  a Pro
    (Value $500)

  • Voxer Voice Support For Guidance When You Need Some Quick or Long Advice (Priceless)

Over $3,000+ In Value!

This has been created for the magical boss babe ready for the next level. Are you ready to be the magical boss babe that you were born to be? Book a Boss Babe Breakthrough Session With Me.