Stephanie Lane

Online Marketing Strategist




I help women entrepreneurs get clarity on their offer, become visible online with intentional marketing strategies and teach them how to build their dream tribe. 


Hey there!

Do you know? One of the most important facets of growing your online presence is the development of an effective integrated Digital Marketing Strategy.

Well, yes!

Let me tell you, while there’s no scarcity of media hype surrounding online marketing and how it’s changing the business terrain, the truth is, most people have no idea what all the web/marketing lingo means. Um, that’s a pretty big issue, I guess.

Even for those companies that do have a web presence, most are like ships out at sea, with no coordinates and no way to be found by target clients.

* Are you an energetic entrepreneur with amazing ideas to show the online world?

* Are you looking for new ways to grow your business with either online courses or a membership site/group?

* Do you just want to finally LAUNCH your product but overwhelmed with the amount of work you have to do?

* Are you uncertain of how to get this whole online thing started?

As an entrepreneur, I know the distress of wanting to reach target clients but not knowing how to do it.



Some of the questions and issues that might pop up in your mind include the following:

  • Is a membership site right for your business?

  • Should you be creating online courses or a membership?

  • How much work is this going to really take?

  • You have way too many ideas and don’t know where to start?

  • What platform do I create my content on?

  • How do I package my offer?

  • How do I position my services?

  • What do I price it at?

The list is definitely daunting.
Let me put my expertise to work for you!



I’m an Online Marketing Strategist and help entrepreneurs to build online courses and membership while teaching them to authentically communicate & market their services believing that unique businesses deserve unique strategies to succeed online.

Nevertheless, I’m the Co-Founder of “Sittin Pretty Still”, a boutique yoga and meditation product company. From my communication degree to being an infomercial production coordinator, certified yoga & barre instructor, contestant on “Grokker’s next fitness star”, and initiating multiple businesses, makes me a multi passionate entrepreneur.

When I'm not behind my laptop you can find me at a hip hop dance class, drinking tea with a good book and escaping to palm springs for nothing but pure relaxation.



I make every effort to speak in a language that my clients understand and create a strategy which is designed to play my clients’ existing strengths and resources to help them achieve their goals within a realistic timespan.

My expertise lies in:

* Launching products

* Marketing online courses

* Membership site/groups.

* E-commerce

My online strategies are as unique as my clients are. That’s why I start every client relationship simply by getting to know you, your business, your market, and your competition. I take time to put myself in your shoes and to try to get inside the minds of your audience.  By understanding what makes you and your business unique, I am empowered to be a true business partner who keeps a focus on your objectives from concept to implementation.


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I begin my strategic planning by considering your goals, your strengths, your challenges and more as I get to know your needs inside and out.  Then, I come up with a results-oriented plan that will maximize the returns of your online investment.

And I don’t stop there:  as full service online marketing strategist, I continue to analyze your data and refine your program as needed. I think of my clients as long-term partners and become fully engaged in growing your business.

I know you’ve got ambition to spare, you’re a leader, and you understand the profit potential and exposure available for your business online.

The next step is to join me on this journey to growing your business off the charts… Click below to book a call!